A1 Publication Company is a family ran business, in the state of Oklahoma dedicated to provide our small-business sector an exceptional and cost effective publication experience through local, city and county supported magnetic projects. Our goal at A1 Publications is to gain you the client maximum exposure and customer retention with a cost-effective, consumer related approach. We understand what You the customer wants in a specialty publications producer. As a business, you want to promote your professional image and maintain customer goodwill while gaining new clientele. Here at the A1 Publications, we combine over 20 years publications, public relations and industry-related experience to provide the best and most up-to-date industry specific publications and city and county supported campaigns


We gain clientele by listening to what You the customer wants from a specialty publications producer! Our goal is to get "You" the Customer the greatest amount of exposure through carefully targeted publications and promotional products that utilizes  a maximum exposure with great customer retention at a cost that is also cohesive to any small businesses budget!


We have what you are looking for; from our city/county distributed Directory Guide Magnets, to a more specialized targeted publication or promotional product.  Have you asked how you can support your local school or non-profit yet? Just ask us how you can help and gain clientele at the same time!  Our researching process is second-to-none. Let us get you out to the customers that you want to reach!